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Evonic 1500

The Evonic 1500 fire has a stunning black finish with silver birch logs make it ideal for creating a real wow feature, perfect for enhancing any living space whilst bringing a warm and welcoming finishing touch to the room. The Evoflame ultra hd® effect gives the impression of a deep and rich flame picture with a hot ash effect fuel bed via its unique reflectivity, whilst utilising the latest in non reflective Schott Conturan® Magic Glass technology.

The glass has optical interference properties and is coated to reduce surface reflections optically by up to 90%, making the glass appear invisible.

Additionally it features a unique flicker effect that adds realism and movement to the fuel bed. All fires in the e-series range provide ultimate freedom, as there are no limitations to where these electric fires can be installed. 

Product details

Fire Type


Nominal Heat Output

1500 W

Remote Control?

Yes, download the free app

Product size

W1506mm D310mm H555mm

Colour Changing Options?

13 different colours


5 years


Our customers photos

of our finished Evonic 1500 installations


A gorgeous Evonic 1500 fire in our Ston media wall

A freshly plastered Evonic 1500 in our customers home.

Another Evonic 1500 in our Ston media wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the logs supplied with this fire?

Everything is supplied with the fire for you to create all fuel bed layout.

Where does the heat come out from?

The heater has been carefully designed into the top of the fire and stretches right the way across in a sleek and discreet style.

Can parts be changed in the fire easily?

All parts can be accessed through the front of the fire so you never have to disrupt your installation should you need to change something on the fire.

Which media wall would best suit this fire?

All of our bespoke media walls are suitable for this fire. 


Have you thought about a media wall?

This fire is perfect for being built into a bespoke media wall.

Our talented team of joiners, plasterers and electricians can build you a custom media wall around your new electric fire. You can have something totally bespoke, or choose from our range of media wall styles below.

We'd love to help you in your new project, so if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. You might find our frequently asked questions helpful, or get in touch to speak to one of our friendly team. 

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