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New Forest 1600 Deluxe

Upgrade your view and create the ultimate experience with New Forest 1600 Deluxe. Each of these fires are unique and carefully crafted using actual logs found in nature.    The development process of the New Forest 1600 Deluxe's fuel bed begins by selecting different sized logs, branches, and twigs to create a natural log layout. Then placed on a forest floor bed comprised of bark, twigs, and log remnants. A resin mix is then added into the base and cured in an oven to permanently fix the logs. 

Product details

Fire Type


Nominal Heat Output

1500 W

Are they real logs?

Yes, real deluxe logs

Product size

W1600mm D300mm H565mm Glass Height 424mm

Colour Changing Options?

3 different colours


3 years


Completely Bespoke

Each of the New Forest 1200 Deluxe Fuel-bed is individually unique. Created by hand using real logs, we can offer an unmatched, realistic, fuel-bed effect. The Logs are fixed into place upon a bed of bark, twigs, and log remnants to complete a natural setting.

Real Logs

What better way to demonstrate a burning fire than by using real logs? The natural detail of the logs create an authentic look and feel which enhances the overall interaction between flame-effect and fuel-bed.

More images

of the New Forest 1600 Deluxe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the logs supplied with this fire?

Everything is supplied with the fire for you to create all fuel bed layout.

Where does the heat come out from?

The heater has been carefully designed into the top of the fire and stretches right the way across in a sleek and discreet style.

Can parts be changed in the fire easily?

All parts can be accessed through the front of the fire so you never have to disrupt your installation should you need to change something on the fire.

Which media wall would best suit this fire?

All of our bespoke media walls are suitable for this fire. 



Emma S

We had our fire installed back in March, however we’ve been waiting for the floor and sofas to complete the lounge.
We visited the showroom after recommendation from a friend and were greeted by George, who was very helpful. He showed us lots of different fires and sizes. The showroom had lots of choice and from this visit, we decided on the New Forest 1600 with the deluxe log set. We thought this was very realistic and weren’t so bothered about colour changing features.
The installation day was booked in for 6 weeks later. Jim and Austin advised us of lots of different options in terms of layout and in the end we decided to have the shelving going wall to wall rather than a return. They were so helpful and lovely to have in the house.
The electrician followed after day 1 and 3 and was also hard working and asked us lots of questions about how we wanted lighting and where we wanted sockets moving to etc.. He also put spot lights in the ceiling for us.
Finally after a long time of waiting for the sofa, we can enjoy our beautiful lounge. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Mansfield Fireplaces to take care of a new Media wall. We are so pleased


Have you thought about a media wall?

This fire is perfect for being built into a bespoke media wall.

Our talented team of joiners, plasterers and electricians can build you a custom media wall around your new electric fire. You can have something totally bespoke, or choose from our range of media wall styles below.

We'd love to help you in your new project, so if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. You might find our frequently asked questions helpful, or get in touch to speak to one of our friendly team. 

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