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Pevex Newbourne 40

Beautifully made with a curved door and remarkable large picture window of the fire burning lazily in the fire chamber. With simple to operate air slider controls and built-in tertiary air, the Newbourne stove offers clean burn performance in style and is Ecodesign ready meeting tomorrows requirements today.

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Product details

Fire Type


Nominal Heat Output


Fuel Type


Product size

W 503mm D 374mm H 580mm


Black paint finish


5 years

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Our customers photos

It's amazing to see how our installations bring together our customers homes. We love nothing more than seeing our finished installations all decorated and ready for every day living.

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Pevex newbourne 40 panaramic with side glass installed with a 200mm log store. 

Fitted with an s-flue twin wall system in black running through the conservatory, on to a riven slate hearth.

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Have you thought about a media wall?

This fire is perfect for being built into a bespoke media wall.

Our talented team of joiners, plasterers and electricians can build you a custom media wall around your new electric fire. You can have something totally bespoke, or choose from our range of media wall styles below.

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We'd love to help you in your new project, so if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. You might find our frequently asked questions helpful, or get in touch to speak to one of our friendly team. 

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