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3 Top Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Fire, Stove or Media Wall

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Your Interior Style

It happens naturally over the years, the decisions you make in your home, the paint colours, carpet choices and all the added extras, soft furnishing and home decor choices. All these elements make up your interior style, and it's not to be overlooked when you start to think about choosing your new fire, stove or media wall.

Maybe your interior style reflects Contemporary Living, perfectly modern, sleek and efficient, or maybe you live in a Period Property with decades of character to consider, or maybe your style is more 'Timeless Country', perfectly imperfect, practical and hardwearing. Whichever your style, it's something to consider when you're about to add such a focal point into your living space. After all, this is a huge project that will ultimately reflect you and your home, and how you use your space.

Your Space

It may seem like the obvious pointer, but really mapping your space and how you plan to use it with your new addition is a huge consideration.

Whether you're planning a media wall from an existing chimney breast, or have a complete blank canvas to plan a full media wall with shelving, or maybe thinking about installing a log burner or multifuel stove in an open plan kitchen/diner; mapping your space is always a good idea. Grabbing a tape measure, getting online to see inspiration of what other people have done and heading down to see our showroom displays will give you lots of ideas of how to best utilise your space. Our friendly and knowledgable team can also help with space saving tips and tricks too (like the picture!).

Purely Decorative Or A Practical Heat Source?

A question that might spark some thought (no pun intended!).

Are you wanting a new fire, stove or media wall for purely decorative purposes; think focal point, upgrading your interior, fires just for show, OR are you wanting a practical heat source to heat your living space and keep those energy bills down?

This is a big thing to consider when choosing your new fire, stove or media wall. You can browse 50+ different displays in our showroom, but having the answer to this question will help our team point you in the right direction for the best fire, stove or media wall to suit your life and home.

Like what you see? Head over to our showroom to chat with our friendly team!

Team Mansfield Fireplace and Stove Centre.

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