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Choosing Your Fire, Stove Or Media Wall

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Where to start? Let's delve down into the reasons WHY you're looking to install a new fire, stove or media wall?

What is the main reason you’re buying a fire?

1 – Efficient heat

You’re looking for a fire or stove that provides an efficient heat source to heat up your living space. You’re looking for a practical solution to help with heating your home (keeping those bills down!), but still looking for something that fits perfectly in your home.

These are our top picks!

2 – Decorative with heat option

You’re looking for a fire, stove or media wall that looks the part, decorative, gorgeous and still offers some heat. The main reason for your new installation is to look the part and be a focal part of your living space, but you’d still love the option for a good heat source.

These are our top picks!

3 – Purely decorative

You’re looking for THE wow factor, a fire, stove or media wall to turn your space from zero to hero. You’re looking for a more decorative option, purely on the aesthetic of how it fits into your home. Heat? It’s a nice to have but not a deal breaker.

THE showstoppers we recommend are... The Evonic Lita

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Team Mansfield Fireplace and Stove Centre.

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