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Frequently Asked Questions

Log Burners + Multifuel Stoves

Can you have a log burner if you don’t have a chimney?

Yes, we can build a twin wall system. This can go through an external wall and run up the side of your house, or it can run internally, through a bedroom, loft and through the roof.

What’s the difference between a log burner and a multifuel stove? Are their any benefits of just having a log burner?

A log burner is designed solely to burn wood, a multifuel stove is designed to burn wood as well as smokeless fuel. A log burner does burn wood more efficiently than a multifuel stove, however, with multifuel you always have the option of burning smokeless fuel, therefore a more popular choice in general.

What does KW mean?

KW stands for Kilowatt output, this is the measurement of heat the fire produces.
The most common stove output is 5KW, however we do supply log burners/ multifuel stoves below and above 5KW. Please note, any stove above 5KW requires an external air vent.

Do you install stoves or just supply?

We offer the full supply and installation service from start to finish, as well as supply-only if its requested.

Can I have a stove if I live in a smoke controlled area?

Yes, all of our stoves are DEFRA approved, meaning they can be installed in to a smoke controlled area.

Do you install if we have our own fire?

Yes in some cases we do. Just ask us and the team will ask a few questions and confirm if this is something we can do for you.


Bespoke Media Walls

Can I have a media wall if I have an existing chimney breast?

Yes, we can install a one sided fire In to the existing chimney breast and stud out the thickness of the television to create the tv recess. 
Or, we can build out from the chimney breast and wrap out structure around.

Where does the Sky box/Virgin box/PlayStation etc go?

Behind the tv. We recommend all of our customers purchasing an extendable tv bracket, as  there is space behind the tv for the television equipment, and can be accessed by pulling the television out on its bracket.
Brackets for the boxes can be purchased online, ask our team and we can point you in the right direction.

How deep are media walls?

With our most popular 3 sided panoramic fires the media walls on average are 360mm deep.
We can also supply and install one-sided fires at 180mm deep allowing for a more shallow media wall if required.

Do you offer supply-only service?

Yes, we hold a wide range of our media wall electric fires in stock, available for collection or delivery, just ask our team.

Can you build a media wall without a fire?

Yes, we can build a media wall without a fire, just ask our team for advise and a quote.

Do you have media walls on display in your showroom?

Yes, we have 2 rooms solely dedicated to media walls, with a wide range of fires displayed in our most popular designs. View more of our showroom here.

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